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Poker is moving from the back of the line to the head of the class. Investors involved in the mass marketing of tournament poker are trying to clean up the image of tournament poker and the poker players.

There are probably not many of us today the remember the 1997 World Series final table, when ESPN televised the comeback of Stuey The Kid Ungar as he captured a record third championship title. In the 1997 championship event, Ungar was second in the chip count when the final play began.

Ron Stanley, who can in first, did his best to dress up the public image of tournament poker by playing in a tuxedo. His class was not enough to fend off Ungar's matchless poker talent. He did however, set an early standard for the kind of conduct that is increasingly required by the broadening television and Internet exposure given to tournament poker.

A new rule was given to the World Series against any player who used the F word. It does not matter if is an accident or if it is intended against another player. The rules are strictly enforced on this rule and consequences will be applied.

There are also rules against abusive and inappropriate language in the chat box where the players can send messages back and forth to players at Internet poker sites.

There was an instance where a poker player was playing on PokerStars, the leading poker website, and when it got down to five players, the player in the third chip position mad a standard raise before the flop. The lead chip player was in the big blind with a suited nine-seven.

He called the raise figuring he had a good chance. That is exactly what happened and the flop cane ace-nine-seven, giving the other player top pair and the lead player two pair. He bet half the pot and the other raised all he had in. The lead player called, and the other player failed to improve and was eliminated.

In the chat box, a sarcastic message appeared from the eliminated player, telling the lead player what an idiot he was for calling his pre-flop raise with such a weak hand. They exchange words and he to the other player F*** you!

These types of situations are completely prohibited and are not welcome on many poker sites or any other gambling sites for that matter.

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